Lone Wolf will be launched in this summer..

We have been working on new major update Lone Wolf since last fall and done a lot so far. Once we decided to implement iframe feature, this delay became required.. So now everyone can use Live Chat everywhere even on HTML, PHP or Node.JS website.

Lone Wolf will keep using Firebase and WordPress for chat console (back-end), however you will be able to show up chat box in your HTML page. It means we need to work harder to finish it so the release of the update is moved in this summer.

What are the new features you will get?

We are sharing some of them with you:

  • New design in both chat box and chat console 🎨
  • Works everywhere even in your HTML or PHP website. You just need a WordPress for chat console
  • Re-written from scratch
  • 5x better performance for page load
  • Plugin works in iFrame not to hurt your page performance
  • Manage user roles capabilities easily. For instance, give "Editors" chat-with-visitors capability

More is yet to come.

Any questions? Let us know. We're happy to help. support@screets.com.

SPOILER! New design for chat box :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lone Wolf?

It is new update of WordPress Live Chat plugin. Not a new product.

The plugin will work outside of WordPress?

Yes. You will be able to copy/paste JavaScript code even in your HTML page and you are good to go :). But, you will still need WordPress for your chat console to answer visitors (back-end).

How different Lone Wolf will be?

A lot. We have re-designed and rewrite the source code from scratch. More clever and much stronger. It is still perfect for small businesses and startups.

Will license policy be the same?

Yes. We will keep license policy the same with Live Chat and Chat X plugins.

What about prices?

Prices will be updated.

Can I get email about Live Chat plugin only?

Yes. Scroll the page up and subscribe the plugin email list. You will be only notified only about Live Chat plugin updates.

Update is free?

Yes. You can update from WordPress Live Chat or WordPress Chat X free. If you don't have any, you will want to purchase a new license, ofc :)

What about Chat X?

As our team was thinking of this update, we got the cool idea for making those two plugins twins! We decided that both plugins will have the same name but different preferences. How? You’ll have to wait for 25th February to find out!

Will this release have a mobile application?

Not yet. However, the iOS and Android applications will come after release..